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Cannibal Cove

Cannibal Cove is an obscure tropical oasis situated on the shores of an old pirate landing. Founded by someone who would only refer to himself as ‘El Brujo’, one could only ponder his background. Our client needed a witty and intriguing brand that would fit the darker side of Tiki and the tongue-in-cheek tone the name reflects. In addition, Cannibal Cove required assistance in atmosphere design, menus, and promotional marketing.

  • Tres Amigos Tiki Ventures
  • Food & Beverage / Bars & Nightlife
  • Bespoke Beverages and Bites
Cannibal Cove Logo Created By Sugar Rock
We dove in head first with the Cannibal Cove project. This required countless hours of research, sketches, and trips to tiki bars around the globe. Once a solid foundation of the culture was understood, we created a brand, support marketing materials, promotional items, and designed a cocktail menu with tropical drinks that are stimulating and unique. The challenge with this project was balancing consulting and branding to achieve an exciting and engaging atmosphere that allows patrons to escape the everyday hustle.
Cannibal Cove Skull
They killed it...literally
First off, I'm a very visionary person, and to allow someone else to take control of my brainchild was difficult for me. These guys not only understood what I wanted, but they kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. And for me there is nothing better.
-El Brujo; Cannibal Cove
El Brujo Graphic
Tiki Theme Inspiration
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