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Hassell Free Plumbing

Since 1987, Hassell Free Plumbing has been providing quality plumbing services in East Texas with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and environmental impact. Our client came to us with the idea of rebranding the company look and structure. This project required a new brand, website, fleet wrap and support marketing materials.

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Hassell Free Plumbing Logo
The greatest challenge for this project was creating a new company mascot that was both visually appealing and one that would invoke trust. Once we came up with the "Happy Hippo" concept, we wanted to construct a typeface that would feel timeless as well as be strong enough to stand on its own. For this assignment we designed a logo, developed a website, created vehicle wraps, designed customer welcome kits, install packets and other support goods. This retro-styled brand feels modern yet classic and will remain relevant for many years to come.
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Great customer service and personable.
They are easy to talk to and helped us through the entire process. I would definitely recommend this company.
-David; Hassell Free Plumbing
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